Mariam Kiran

    R&D Lead and Computer Scientist

    Scientific Networking Division
    Energy Science Network Facility (ESnet)
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

    1 Cyclotron Road
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Berkeley, California, 94720

                                     Email: mkiran(at)lbl(dot)gov

My research lies at the intersection of deep (and machine) learning and computer networking for building Self-driving Networks. My team and I investigate bringing scalable, deployable deep learning, reinforcement learning, clustering techniques, swarm and agent-based methods to real world infrastructure challenges for edge and HPC centers.
I am the recipient of the DOE ASCR Early Career Award 2017. I lead the AI research in Networking Lab (abbreviated (DAPHNE lab)). I lead the research in developing NetPredict, NetGraf, INDIRA and Hecate for machine learning packages for network monitoring and traffic engineering solutions.

I received the N2Women Rising Stars Award in 2021 and a Senior Member of IEEE and ACM. Previously I was selected as UK Royal Society Scientist for Westminster, Fretwell-Downing Prize, and in addition to US funding, received UK and EU funding for my work on agent-based modeling (FLAME) and cloud computing. I also published a book titled 'X-Machines for Agent-Based Modeling: FLAME Perspectives' available on Amazon.

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  • 2021: DOE Award for 5G self-driving Network.
  • 2021: Selected as one of 10 N2Women Rising Stars Worldwide.
  • 2020: Part of Finalist team for R&D Awards for ESnet Portal
  • 2017: DOE Early Career Award 2017-2022 for "Large-scale Deep Learning for Intelligent Networks"
  • 2016: Royal Society Award for Researcher in Residence at Westminster (UK Parliament)
  • 2007: Fretwell Downing Prize across Engineering Faculty (University of Sheffield, UK)

Professional activities

  • Invited PC Member for IPDPS 2022
  • Invited PC Member for HPC Asia 2022
  • Workshop Organizer at Supercomputing INDIS 2021
  • PC Member for NAS 2021
  • Mentor at N2Women Workshop at SigComm 2021
  • TPC Taurin 2021 SigComm Workshop
  • PC member HPC Asia 2020-Current
  • Supercomputing Workshop INDIS co-organizer 2020-Current
  • Senior Member of IEEE 2020-Current
  • Member of ACM 2018-Current
  • Fellowship co-chair for N2Women for improving women researchers at Networking Conferences (2018-2020)
  • Associate Editor, IEEE Networking Letters
  • Elected member of COMSES Network for OpenABM (agent-based modelling) at Arizona State University
  • Programme Committee duties at SciPy2018-2019, SC17, ICML workshop 2018
  • Reviewer for proposals submitted to NSF and EU
  • Instigated the ACM-Women professional chapter for UK